Hello! My name is Aidan Taylor and I am a maker. I make musical / noise devices with electronics, and have done so for over a decade. I’m keen to share skills and ideas and have worked with online and real-world maker communities for a long time as well.

I am self taught as an engineer (more of a hacker perhaps!) but my background is in creative practice. I found a love for electronics as an undergraduate and got into analogue synthesizer design after studying for a Masters in Creative Music Practice. I worked for a period at Modal Electronics ltd. as a Hardware Development Engineer in their design and manufacturing team on a number of their synthesizers. In 2016 I moved back into academia and started my PhD in 2019. My project is called Maker Communities: an investigation into the ways creative musical instrument making supports wellbeing’ – no surprises there.

I am part of the LAUGH project team, design research for people living with dementia and patients with post-stroke cognitive impairment. I designed the electronics for our product HUG®. The project is currently funded by the Welsh Government (EU funding) as part of the SMART Expertise program, and is in partnership with the NHS and Sunrise Senior Living.

I am a board member for a charity called Medrau Maindee Makers, which aims to set up a Makerspace in Maindee, Newport.

This site is designed to be a hub for Electric Noodle Box which is my brand of DIY electronics, and as such the main focus is on the Electric Noodle Box Modular System. I am keen for you to get involved with this project so please read on!

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Twitter: @aidanrtaylor

GitHub: @AidanTek