Tiree Tech Wave Day 2

Again, late update as it is now day 3!

Day 2 was all about wiring, wiring and more wiring! I spent the first half of the day and then some wiring all the panel components to the slot in prototyping board I bought for the Arduino Due for a couple of quid. The prototyping board has plenty of space in the centre for building basic circuits:

Tiree Day 2 - 1

The near complete box from the outside:

Tiree Day 2 - 4

And the shear hell on the inside:

Tiree Day 2 - 5

In the meantime, the crew did some serious project planning around the table for a larger group project:

Tiree Day 2 - 3

Once the panel wiring was done I spent some time testing each component worked. Perhaps inevitably, the bit of veroboard I used as a structure for the 16 LEDs was riddled with problems and some time was eaten up bug fixing that. I hadn’t made any particular mistakes but a good number of the points that I had added breaks to the board didn’t actually break the copper traces effectively so there were short circuits everywhere. Anyway, once fixed the sequence worked perfectly:

I then continued by adding the MIDI buffer circuit to the prototype board, this was a slightly fiddly job but again, it was great to fit it on here and not have to cut another bit of veroboard:

Tiree Day 2 - 7Tiree Day 2 - 8

At this point I was out of time again, but I had pretty much completed the hardware. Back at our accomodation though I plugged in and tried sending some basic MIDI data to the Reface DX keyboard I brought, but no luck! Upon some investigation I found that I had missed a key wire – which is noticeable on the picture above – which connects one of the NPN transistors in the MIDI buffer to ground. So that is a job for day 3!

We spent some quality time on one of the beautiful Tiree  beaches in the evening with some hilarious games of frisbee and probably the most disorganised games of rounders I will ever have in my life!!

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