Tiree Tech Wave Day 3

After some degree of fiddling in the morning, I finally became MIDI compatible!

I attached the wire that was missing but that didn’t solve the issue – it turned out there was a poorly soldered joint connecting to the base of one of the transistors so no data was getting out. Good times 🙂

I didn’t progress the Truth Serum project further during the day as I got involved in some of the other projects going on in the space. I worked on RFID readers for making smart objects both on Arduino and Raspberry Pi 3. This morning I will be taking the Raspberry Pi code further to hopefully send a tweet when a particular object is detected:

Tiree Day 3 - 4

Tiree Day 3 - 5

Some 3d Printing going on at the Tech Wave for another project:

Tiree Day 3 - 2

Tiree Day 3 - 3

Once we got back to our accomodation in the evening, I sat down and got stuck into coding Truth Serum a bit further. Now each of the 8 potentiometers are sampled and the data is converted into a 5 octave MIDI range. I then started some work on the encoders and ran into a lot of problems. I have them basically working, but the tricks I employ for smooth readings on other Arduino models just don’t work on the Due and encoder readings are very noisy and pretty unreliable at present – upon reading up on the Arduino reference for attachInterrupt() I found that some of the things I have done with the Uno just absolutely shouldn’t work anyway! I will need to learn some new tricks to get this right. Finally I added scanning for the row of toggle switches so now you can mute any individual steps in the sequence. It is starting to feel like an instrument now!

Much drinking followed that evening, I am sure some media is going to surface that should probably stay buried! I now know what the infamous Tiree cornflake game is!

Tiree Day 3 - 7


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